Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Winter is Here

SuperDuo Snowflakes designed by Nela Kábelová
Beaded by Sylvia Abeyta

I do believe it is getting wintry!  Santa Fe and Taos are expecting snow in the mountains tonight.  
Come celebrate the season with us at our 
Friday Happy Hour event:
December 8th,
4:30 -6:00
We'll be making these clever (and easy) earrings using SuperDuos, seed beads, and drops. This is a great pattern for new bead stitchers.  The pattern is free to the public from Matubo beads, the creator of SuperDuos and many of your favorite Czech pressed glass beads.  
Click the link here and scroll to the bottom of the page to find the pattern. You'll notice this link has a wonderful selection of great patterns, all free to you.  We carry many Matubo products and have hosted many Happy Hours with these patterns.  Enjoy!

Do you want us to send you the beads for this project?
click here to purchase the bead bundle and free pattern

Supplies Needed

**Available at Poppyfield Bead Company**

Matubo SuperDuos Color A
Matubo SuperDuos Color B 
11/0 Japanese Seed Beads 
3.4 mm Miyuki Drops
Jump Rings (2)

Earring Wires
Beading Needle

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Silent Snowfall Pendant by Ivona Šuchmannová

Join us for our FREE weekly beading event this Friday 12/1, 4:30-6:00 in our studio.  We'll be making this pendant. Sylvia is working on hers right now - it has bugles in F463K - a beautiful matte metallic pink/ brown / green iris, our new pink metallic Demi beads, and a gorgeous rivoli 
in rose champagne. 
As you can see, this is a unique frame and bezel for a Swarovski 14 mm rivoli.  The pattern is free and will be available at the event.  We'll have some refreshments, as always.  This pattern uses small seed beads, such as 15/0's and 11/0 Demi beads, so bring your "beading glasses".  Because the beads are so small, and there is a front and back to be stitched, it will be difficult for first time beaders.  I'd classify it as advanced beginner level.  

For our remote customers, the pattern will be available for free with purchase of the bead bundle in the sample color way (pinks with the iris bugles).  It will be available on our webstore next week.  

Hope to see you!

Supplies Needed

**Available at Poppyfield Bead Company**

14 mm Swarovski Rivoli (1)
3 mm Bugles (48)
11/0 Demi Rounds (108)
*11/0 Japanese Seed Beads (6)
15/0 Japanese Seed Beads (36)
Beading Needle

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Swarovski Sliders

This Friday's Happy Hour pattern (Khione Bracelet)  comes from a new book by Carolyn Cave called Stitching With a Handful of Beads.  Kalmbach Publishing has given me this pattern to share with you for our FREE beading event.   
Khione Bracelet by Carolyn Cave
(Supply List Below)

It uses SuperDuos, bicone crystals, seed beads and Swarovski Sliders.  Many beaders are familiar with Rose Montees, a sew-on crystal with criss-crossing channels in its metal setting.  Sliders are a very different type of sew on crystal, and are harder to come by.  Sliders are chatons in a substantial setting with 2 parallel holes.  They are an elegant component that adds a lot of class to a design.  We have a nice selection of sliders available at the shop and also on our e-commerce site here

Lisa Kan's Catherine Bracelet
Beaded by Wendy Speare

 I discovered this component when Lisa Kan's book Bead Metamorphosis came out.  You can see them in the center row of the Catherine Bracelet in Emerald set in gold.  They work well to connect the components, which are beaded separately.  I found a source for this unique product and had the sliders custom made.  I still do, and so there is a 6-8 week wait for them.  Our sliders hold a 29ss Swarovski chaton, which is about 6.5 mm in size.  If you want to fall in love with a crystal component, come pick up some sliders.  

Swarovski Sliders in Black Diamond in Gold Plated Settings
Available here

Wendy uses Swarovski sliders in her Sonja's Bracelet pattern, which she is teaching on Saturday at the shop. Here they sit on top of tiles as focal embellishments.  This pattern is a fun way to work with sliders.  
Sonja's Bracelet by Wendy Speare

So, if you've never worked with sliders, and want to give it a go, join us on Friday (no registration) for our FREE beading event (Khione bracelet), or Saturday (registration required) for the Sonja's Bracelet class.    

Khione Bracelet by Carolyn Cave
Supplies Needed

**Available at Poppyfield Bead Company**

6.5 mm Swarovski Sliders (9)
4 mm crystal bicones(36)
SuperDuos (11g)
15/0 Japanese Seed Beads (2g)
3-strand Clasp
Jumprings or Thread Protectors (6)
Beading Needle

Hope to see you!